Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Tag: exclusive premiere

Get an exclusive first listen of Waterparks’ ‘Mad All the Time’

Houston pop-punks Waterparks are teaming up with AltPress to premiere their new song "Mad All the Time."  The track comes from their upcoming EP, Cluster, which...

Juliet Simms releases “Hallelujah” cover for holidays (exclusive)

Juliet Simms is releasing a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" for the holiday season, and AP has your exclusive first listen. Simms says she has...

Premiere: Pianos Become The Teeth’s “I’ll Be Damned”

Check out an exclusive premiere of Pianos Become The Teeth's "I'll Be Damned," which comes from their forthcoming album, The Lack Long After, out...

Premiere: For All Those Sleeping’s “I’m Not Dead Yet”

Check out this exclusive premiere of For All Those Sleeping's "I'm Not Dead Yet." The song comes from the album Cross Your Fingers, out...

Exclusive Premiere: Fireworks’ “Arrows”

Check out the premiere of Fireworks' "Arrows," from their latest album, Gospel.

Premiere: Hawthorne Heights’ “Is This What You Wanted?”

Check out an exclusive premiere of Hawthorne Heights' video for "Is This What You Wanted?" a song from their new EP, Hate, which is...