Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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‘Riverdale’ fan theory suggests new character may be Alice, FP’s son

As Riverdale Season 3 moves onward, fans have come up with a new fan theory that could truly shake things up a bit, especially...
avengers 4 endgame iron man

‘Avengers: Endgame’ fan theory suggests alternate realities

Reddit user CatptainKyloStark recently shared a very interesting Avengers: Endgame theory to the MarvelStudios subreddit. The user thinks that the characters in the forthcoming...

This ‘Snow White’ fan theory is here to ruin your childhood

Watching Disney movies as an adult can be a very different experience than when you were a kid. Just take this fan theory, for example,...
11 absolutely ridiculous MCR fan theories that are just crazy enough to work

11 absolutely ridiculous MCR fan theories just crazy enough to work

It has been a little over five years since one of the most beloved bands in the world posted that dreadful message March 22,...

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