Friday, September 25, 2020

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Harry Styles Thanos Marvels Eternals

The internet thinks Harry Styles is joining ‘Eternals’ as Thanos’ brother

Earlier this week, new theories emerged on the web that have both Harry Styles and Marvel fans excited. Fans are convinced that Styles is playing...
Disney Marvel Black Widow-min

You may be waiting even longer for Marvel Phase 4 to begin

Well, it looks like Marvel fans could be waiting even longer for the start of Phase 4. Disney is reportedly reconsidering the theatrical release date...
Harry Styles dont worry darling-min

Harry Styles will make his return to acting in this psychological thriller

It looks like Harry Styles is making his return to acting for Olivia Wilde's new psychological thriller Don't Worry, Darling. Styles is replacing Shia LaBeouf...
marvel cinematic universe phase 4

Here are 10 things we know about Marvel Phase 4 so far

As Marvel Phase 4 nears with Black Widow’s release, fans are excited to see what comes next in the MCU. Though information has been...
folk horror revival films movies

Here are the folk horror movies every new initiate needs to watch

Bored with 1980s-style slashers? Do zombies leave you cold? Find found footage a bore? If you’re a horror movie fan, you’re all too familiar...