Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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Waterparks sign deal with mystery record label

Despite allegedly scrapping their last rumored album, Friendly Reminder, fans can most likely expect new music from Waterparks in the near future. The band shared news of a...

Waterparks tweet sparks theories of new song at Slam Dunk

Well, Waterparks are at it again with the cryptic teasers that look like algebra equations, leaving fans in utter confusion as they attempt to...

Waterparks tweet sparks theories involving fruit bowls, constellations

Fans are about to lose their minds over the cryptic posts Waterparks have been torturing us with. After allegedly deleting the entirety of rumored album Friendly Reminder, fans...

Waterparks delete rumored forthcoming album’s files

Waterparks frontman Awsten Knight has allegedly deleted all of the files from the band's rumored forthcoming album Friendly Reminder. Fans of the band have speculated...

Did Waterparks just reveal their next album title on merch?

Waterparks may have just played themselves. After the band released a tour shirt playfully mocking their fans, they may have unveiled the title of...