Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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scream ghostface horror movie

‘Scream’ is bringing Ghostface back for a new movie

In an age of reboots, it looks like we can add another one to an evergrowing list. It’s officially been confirmed Ghostface is heading...
scream tv series

‘Scream’ season 3 switches masks in first teaser from new network

It has been more than three years since MTV’s Scream: The TV Series aired its second season. While confirmation of the third season surfaced...
scream movie ghostface

Lottery winner wears ‘Scream’ mask to collect prize

A Jamaican man scored a major prize when he won the lottery. However, not wanting to reveal his face in photos and news broadcasts,...
The Slashstreet Boys

The Slashstreet Boys featuring Freddy, Jason and more is absolutely killer

Everyone has their favorite Halloween villain that terrorizes your dreams and keeps you awake at night. One might think that combining all the greats...