Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Tag: guitar

Dreamcar’s Tom Dumont talks No Doubt’s musical evolution in Ernie Ball episode—watch

Ernie Ball is back with its String Theory web series, which explores origin stories of today's most innovative players in music. In this webisode, Ernie Ball...

Here are some of your favorite guitarists’ worst injuries

Being onstage every night is a gnarly enough experience of its own, let alone all the crazy disasters than can happen. From wayward crowdsurfers...

The Color Morale’s Aaron Saunders on how is father inspired him to play guitar

The Color Morale's Aaron Saunders chats with Ernie Ball about his ultimate inspiration: His father, and how he motivated him to play.  He also talks...

Intervals teaches his guitar warm-up strategy

PRS player Aaron Marshall (AKA Intervals) takes you through his warm-up routine in this APTV collaboration with PRS Guitars. Marshall stresses the importance of precision...

This guitar is also a fully functional Game Boy

Seriously, how cool is this? Someone formed an enlarged, fully functional Game Boy and used it to create the body of a guitar. After...

Ernie Ball Presents: “The Sound of Warped” featuring Escape The Fate

In part one of Ernie Ball's "The Sound Of Warped" series, Escape The Fate guitarist Kevin "Thrasher" Gruft  talks about his rig, influences and...

Six-String Stories with Nothing (part two)

In part two of three of our latest Six-String Stories sponsored by Musicians Institute, Nothing guitarists Brandon Setta and Dominic Palermo talk about their gear and how sometimes less really is...

Talking Guitar with Josh Travis of Glass Cloud

AP Tour veteran Josh Travis of Glass Cloud gives us a run-down of his signature nine-string Legator guitar.

Guitarist Profile: Jacky Vincent of Falling In Reverse

Jack Vincent of Falling In Reverse tells about his journey to becoming a guitarist, his gear, favorite styles and more. http://www.youtube.com/embed/kDfI_AGimZA

Watch: Ray Toro (formerly of My Chemical Romance) tracks guitar for new Voltaire album

Ray Toro, former lead guitarist of My Chemical Romance, has entered the studio with dark multi-platform artist Aurelio Voltaire to record guitars for select...