Friday, April 19, 2019

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David Harbour thinks Hellboy could take Thanos in a battle of wits

Hellboy is a literal demon. Thanos is an all-powerful being with the power of the Infinity Stones. Who would win in an intellectual brawl? According...

‘Hellboy’ reboot gets shockingly low debut rating on Rotten Tomatoes

It doesn’t look like the Hellboy reboot is gearing up to be a critical success. Based on early reviews, the new Hellboy has garned...

New gory ‘red-band’ trailer explains ‘Hellboy’ origin story

The Hellboy reboot has dropped a new red-band trailer that definitely shows why it has been rated R. The new trailer has both a...

A ‘Hellboy’ reboot is really happening with a ‘Stranger Things’ actor

Back in February, we recieved the heartbreaking news that a Hellboy 3 would not be happening. Fans are now all talking about the newly announced...

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