Friday, March 22, 2019

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High On Fire, 2018

High On Fire cancel tour as frontman deals with medical complications

High On Fire have canceled their upcoming North American due to health concerns for frontman Matt Pike. Pike had to undergo a partial toe amputation...
High On Fire, 2018

High On Fire leave tour for frontman’s emergency amputation

High On Fire have dropped off their upcoming fall tour with Municipal Waste due to a medical emergency involving guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike, who the...
High On Fire, 2018

High On Fire’s Matt Pike thinks the kids are alright

"It really is kind of the death of old-school music and shows," laments High On Fire guitarist and vocalist Matt Pike. And as he...

Metal vocalist says aliens have “lived amongst us” for quite a while

High On Fire frontman Matt Pike recently spoke with Rolling Stone on some interesting topics. Due to the content of the band's new album, he was asked...

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