Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Ja Rule Fyre Festival billy mcfarland

Fyre Festival co-founder Ja Rule dismissed from $100 million lawsuit

Fyre Festival co-founder and rapper Ja Rule avoided a $100 million lawsuit. A group of festival attendees filed the suit against the CEO and...
Ja Rule Fyre Festival billy mcfarland

Fyre Festival lawsuit officially finds Ja Rule not guilty of fraud

Much of the attention around Fyre Festival has revolved around founder Billy McFarland, but until now Ja Rule hasn't been cleared of this mess. Ja Rule can now start moving...
fyre festival netflix

Fyre Festival catastrophe is getting its own feature film

The disastrous Fyre Festival already had a few documentaries made about it, but now it's getting a full feature film. According to Deadline, the currently untitled film...
fyre festival netflix

Ja Rule teases plans for another Fyre Festival attempt

Ja Rule wants to stage another “iconic” music festival after his first attempt resulting in the Fyre Festival disaster. Fyre Fest has gotten a...
fyre festival

Models, artists part of Fyre Festival facing subpoenas

The Fyre Festival drama seems far from over. Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and other models and artists who helped promote the festival are now facing subpoenas....
Fyre Festival, Ja Rule

Ja Rule responds to Fyre Festival documentaries, says he was “scammed”

Since Netflix and Hulu have come out with their own respective documentaries, Fyre Festival and its collaborators have been exposed. Among those highly involved...