Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Tag: Jodie

clone high mtv reboot-min

The ‘Clone High’ reboot we’ve been waiting for is finally happening

It looks like another reboot is on its way. In June, the highly-awaited Daria spin-off Jodie was announced. Then, Comedy Central revealed a Beavis and...
beavis and butt-head-min

Those slacker teens ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ are getting a reboot

2020 appears to be the year of reboots. Earlier this month, Comedy Central announced that the Daria spin-off series Jodie is heading to the...
classic throwback mtv shows

10 classic MTV shows that we wish were still on the air

Many people miss the days when MTV used to show music videos 24/7. But it’s no secret that the network also hosted some amazing...
Daria Jodie MTV spinoff

The ‘Daria’ spin-off series about Jodie is finally happening

The Daria spin-off series Jodie has been in the works for years, but up until now, the show has been unable to find a...