Friday, November 16, 2018

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Twenty One Pilots fan Bryan - "Jumpsuit"

Tiny twenty one pilots fan re-enacting “Jumpsuit” video will melt your heart

As we quickly approach the release of Trench, twenty one pilots fans have been taking to social media to share in the anticipation and the excitement of...
twenty one pilots conspiracy theories

13 Twenty One Pilots ‘Trench’ video trilogy theories that will hurt your head

Twenty One Pilots unleashed “Levitate” earlier today, the third part of their trilogy—or is it? As is the case with anything the duo have...
How well do you know the lyrics to Twenty One Pilots’ “Jumpsuit”?

How well do you know the lyrics to “Jumpsuit” by Twenty One Pilots?

We know you folks are dedicated. And we know the majority of you will get 100 percent. This dang song has been barely out...

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