Monday, December 9, 2019

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motion city soundtrack 2019 justin courtney pierre

Motion City Soundtrack singer Justin Pierre likes the word “experiment”

Justin Courtney Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack is over the moon right now. And for good reason: He’ll be opening the show when mighty,...
vinyl record store day shopping

18 Record Store Day releases you’ll miss if you sleep in

Get ready to starve your wallet and feed your turntable because the 11th anniversary of Record Store Day falls this weekend (Saturday, April 13)....
alternative press ap best albums 2018

The 50 best albums of 2018

Do you have any idea how many records are released in any given year? That’s OK, neither do we. We do know that there...
midterm election day vote

23 musicians rocking the vote this Election Day

It’s been an intense election cycle with a lot at stake for this year’s midterms. From free pizza and concert tickets to Taylor Swift...
Justin Pierre 2018

Motion City Soundtrack’s Justin Pierre on why everything’s still alright

What do you do when your long-running band decides to call it a day? Sulk into depression? Go acoustic? Live on your laptop for...
justin courtney pierre

Motion City Soundtrack’s Justin Courtney Pierre is back with “In The Drink”

It’s been nearly two years since Motion City Soundtrack bid their farewell at an after show at Riot Fest Chicago, and we’re still not...