Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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Evanescence, 2018 Spotify, knotfest, will hunt

Evanescence channeling “some ‘Open Door’ vibes” on upcoming album

Evanescence will reportedly be hitting the studio in 2020 to begin work on a new album. According to singer Amy Lee, the group plans...
Slipknot new 2019

Slipknot fans gain new evidence of possible Tortilla Man identity

Slipknot fans may have finally have the proof they need to identify the persona of the recently added percussionist known as Tortilla Man. The theory...
Evanescence, 2018 Spotify, knotfest, will hunt

Evanescence drummer calls Knotfest riot “weak and stupid” after kit fire

Evanescence drummer Will Hunt responded to the rioters at Knotfest who destroyed his drum kit, calling them "amateur, weak and stupid." Slipknot were set to headline Knotfest...
Slipknot new 2019

Knotfest Mexico canceled for safety issues, fans set fire to equipment

Slipknot were set to headline last night's Knotfest in Mexico City but were forced to cancel along with Evanescence due to a broken barricade. The stage barricade broke during Behemoth's set...