Saturday, April 20, 2019

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horror movie villain ornaments

Horror movie villain ornaments are coming to a tree near you

If you’re not ready to let Halloween go, then know you’re certainly not alone. While many enjoy the joy that comes from the holidays...
The Slashstreet Boys

The Slashstreet Boys featuring Freddy, Jason and more is absolutely killer

Everyone has their favorite Halloween villain that terrorizes your dreams and keeps you awake at night. One might think that combining all the greats...
horror villian zodiac pennywise michael myers

Find out which horror villain matches your zodiac sign

It’s the spookiest time of the year again, and that means indulging in some of our favorite things more than usual—such as astrology and...

10 Essential Songs To Get Stoked For Spring

Sick of the snow storms? So are we! Here's a little reminder that brighter days are ahead!  There's a soundtrack to every season, and spring...

Grabass Charlestons – Dale & The Careeners

Grabass Charlestons Dale & The Careeners More than a deecade into the career of veteran punks Grabass Charlestons, who would have expected the band to undergo...

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