Monday, September 28, 2020

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bring me the horizon bmth 2019

10 times we should’ve seen Bring Me The Horizon’s heavy return coming

Bring Me The Horizon began their career on the dark side of the spectrum. While that section of their story has been put behind...
bring me the horizon bmth 2019

Are Bring Me The Horizon about to drop a song from ‘BMTH8’?—UPDATE

Bring Me The Horizon have been keeping us and themselves entertained with studio update videos through coronavirus quarantine. Well now it seems we might...
bring me the horizon 2019 pizza bmth

Bring Me The Horizon considering multiple “shorter records” in 2020

Bring Me the Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes recently said he wants to change how they release music; bringing forth shorter records more frequently. Sykes even...
Bring Me The Horizon bmth 2018 Alternative Press

BMTH guitarist created horror film score, you may have already heard it

You can add this to the list of things you didn’t know about Bring Me The Horizon. Apparently, the band’s guitarist, Lee Malia has...