Monday, September 28, 2020

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Selfish Things Logos 2019 Underoath Crown The Empire William Ryan Key

Selfish Things on working with Spencer Chamberlain, Andy Leo, Ryan Key

When Selfish Things were crafted from mastermind frontman Alex Biro, the name was originally meant to be a moniker for his solo vehicle. As...
Selfish Things/Spencer Chamberlain

Underoath singer Spencer Chamberlain, Selfish Things get “Torn” in video

Selfish Things just dropped the music video for their song "Torn". Just like the original track, the video also features Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath. The...
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QUIZ: Can you match the band logos to the artists?

Do you consider yourself a music expert? AP is putting you to the test. We've got 36 band logos that span ages and genres....
Selfish Things

Selfish Things drop debut ‘Logos’ with Spencer Chamberlain, more—listen

Since their first single appeared on Spotify in 2015, Selfish Things have consistently set the precedent of quality over quantity, and they have yet...