Monday, August 3, 2020

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black veil brides album era quiz

QUIZ: Which Black Veil Brides era are you?

Black Veil Brides are versed in rebirth, reincarnation and reinvention—after 14 iconic years together, both their sound and look have matured and developed a...
Black Veil Brides 2019 new lineup andy biersack, 2020 tour

Black Veil Brides reveal the big changes on ‘Re-Stitch These Wounds’

It was a what-if moment that became an epiphany. During Black Veil Brides’ 2013 tour in support of Wretched And Divine, frontman Andy Biersack...

Black Veil Brides’ fans are helping the band more than they realize

We’re shocked, really. The response to our 35th anniversary issue (AP 384) was overwhelming and special. We received a lot of positive feedback about...