Friday, June 5, 2020

Tag: makeup artist

Jeffree Star My Cremated Palette

Jeffree Star’s “Cremated” palette sold out in minutes but it’s coming back

After revealing his "Cremated" makeup palette, Jeffree Star says it sold out in 20 minutes today but if you couldn't make a purchase, you're not out...
jeffree star cremated

Jeffree Star channels his scene days with a new goth-inspired palette

Jeffree Star teased a new makeup palette this week and now the former musician turned makeup mogul is revealing the new products. He's sharing the "Cremated"...
jeffree star blood lust tutorial

Jeffree Star previews Blood Lust palette with new look ahead of launch

Jeffree Star recently revealed his newest palette with Blood Lust, but before its official release, the makeup mogul wanted to give fans a look...
jeffree star warehouse robbery

Jeffree Star praises tattoo details in artist’s “unreal” doll recreation

Barbie better move over because there's a new doll in town. Jeffree Star recently shared an incredible video of an incredible artist transforming a...