Sunday, July 5, 2020

Tag: matt cutshall

travis barker demi lovato i love me remix

Demi Lovato brings back our Myspace days for an emo Travis Barker remix

blink-182's Travis Barker doesn't seem to be slowing down when it comes to new projects. Just last night he appeared on The Late Late...
my chemical romance ap 197 gerard way

27 best reactions to the My Chemical Romance return

The emos of the world have united not only to celebrate Halloween but more importantly, to bask in the feeling that after all these...
musician halloween costumes

25 Halloween costumes your favorite musicians wore this year

There’s no better time than Halloween to dress to impress (or terrify) your family and friends. Whether you’re donning a full face of makeup...
felt emo might delete

“felt emo might delete” creator transforms Cardi B song into scene anthem

Matt Cutshall, the mastermind behind viral video's "felt emo might delete," is at it again, this time rewriting an emo parody to Cardi B's...
felt emo might delete

10 hilarious “felt emo might delete” videos you need to see

Most of you may recognize Matt Cutshall from his hilarious and viral video series, “felt emo might delete.” His videos have been shared by...