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Mean Jeans ‘Sike’’ you out on a track by track for their latest LP

Mean Jeans, the Portland, Oregon-based trio who love the Ramones a bit more unhealthily than most of us do, have returned with a fourth...
New songs APR 8:5

AP&R: Ravaging sasscore, blue-collar punk and speedy melodic hardcore

You’re welcome: We’ve made finding new songs by rising bands easy. Each week, we’re gathering the best from the underground and offering it to...

18 bands keeping punk rock alive in 2018

These 18 artists prove that not only is punk NOT Dead in 2018, it's very much alive and ready to fill your head with...

Punk band writes hilarious, unsolicited jingles brands didn’t ask for

According to Portland punk act Mean Jeans, the most punk rock thing you can do in 2018 is sell out, which is why they...

Mean Jeans post “Possessed To Party (With U)” video

Mean Jeans have premiered a video for "Possessed To Party (With U)." The track is featured on the band's upcoming split 7-inch with Underground...

Mean Jeans release “Anybody Out There?” video

Mean Jeans just released a video for "Anybody Out There?," available below. It's from the band's new album On Mars, out April 17 via Dirtnap.

Check out a new Mean Jeans song, “Anybody Out There?”

Mean Jeans will release their new album On Mars Apr. 17 via Dirtnap Records. A song from the record, "Anybody Out There?," can be downloaded here.