Sunday, September 20, 2020

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mike posner america walk

Mike Posner resumes cross-country trek after snake bite hospitalization

Mike Posner is on the road again, and no it's not a tour. Posner continues his walk across America today, Aug. 28. After a rattlesnake...
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Mike Posner suffers rattlesnake bite derailing cross-country trek

Music taste aside, fans from all genres seem to be rooting for Mike Posner on his Forrest Gump-esque trek across the continental U.S. The singer was...
Mike Posner

Mike Posner on walking across America: “We have to enjoy each step”

On April 7, Warped Tour alum Mike Posner revealed he would be walking across America. Starting April 15, Posner would kick off his adventure...
blackbear scene

Remember when blackbear used to be in a scene band?

blackbear (aka Mat Musto) is hard to put in a genre-defining box, and it appears he likes it that way as he currently toes...