Saturday, August 8, 2020

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Momo Challenge

Momo Challenge becomes basis of horror movie from ‘It’ producer

A producer for It is penned for the upcoming horror movie about the viral Momo Challenge hoax that was just picked up by Orion...
Momo Challenge

Momo Challenge horror film in the works after viral videos

The “Momo Challenge,” a viral internet moment that was later proven to be a hoax, is getting turned into a horror movie. In case...
Momo Challenge

YouTube demonetizing all Momo Challenge videos

The Momo Challenge has resurfaced on the internet causing many social media outlets as well as police to issue a warning regarding this "viral...
Momo Challenge

Police issue Momo Challenge warning after “game” resurfaces

The Momo Challenge has resurfaced from the darkest corners of the internet. The internet fad allegedly hacks kid-friendly YouTube content and games to bestow...