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These 10 metal musicians may be the last honest politicians left

Did you ever notice how politicians are quick to blame rock 'n' roll for any perceived societal problem? As long as there's been rock,...
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Top 10 times metal musicians got involved in politics

Metal has been inherently political since the dawn of the genre. This is apparent in the lyrics, the imagery and the overall personas of...

Recon (members of Emmure, Most Precious Blood) release single on iTunes

Recon have released their new single "For Every Collar, A Leash" on iTunes. You can still stream the track right here on Altpress.

Premiere: Recon (members of Emmure, Most Precious Blood), “For Every Collar, A Leash”

Check out this premiere of Recon's "For Every Collar, A Leash." The song is culled from the band's upcoming seven-song EP Hell, due out...