Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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Sad Music Study

Popular music is now angrier and sadder according to new study

It looks like emo music is back with a vengeance. A new study coming from Lawrence Technical University in Michigan finds that popular music...
Vinyl and cassette sales see double digit growth

Vinyl and cassette sales grow while CD sales continue to decline

It looks like music fans are bringing back the oldschool ways of jamming their favorite tracks after albums sold on vinyl and cassette saw...
Sex or live music?

Fans more likely to value live music over sex, survey finds

A new study from concert giant Live Nation claims that music fans are 10 percent more likely to value live music over sex, as...
Music headphones

Empathetic people get more joy out of music, study finds

Ever wonder why metalheads can often be the nicest people? Apparently, those who more intensely understand the pain or pleasure of others find more...

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