Sunday, July 5, 2020

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Bishop Briggs My Chemical Romance return 2019

Bishop Briggs spent years idolizing MCR before witnessing their return

My Chemical Romance rang the alarm of authenticity and aggression in a way that was digestible for their maturing audience. Bishop Briggs may not...
Aidan Gallagher My Chemical Romance Return Show 2019

Here’s the one hint Gerard Way gave Aidan Gallagher before MCR’s return

Before being cast as Number Five on the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, Aidan Gallagher admired My Chemical Romance’s deeply conceptualized concepts that helped...
MCR my chemical romance reunion return show los angeles

My Chemical Romance are rescheduling more summer tour dates

After postponing several of their European shows, My Chemical Romance are unfortunately having to make the decision to postpone more shows on their summer run. The band...
Remington Leith My Chemical Romance return MCR my chem palaye royale

Here’s the song Remington Leith can’t believe MCR played at the Return

From their hauntingly theatrical atmosphere in “Helena” to screaming “I’m not o-fucking-kay,” there’s no doubt that My Chemical Romance are one of the most...
My Chemical Romance death day things we can't wait for MCR to do

10 things we can’t wait to see if My Chemical Romance do

Face it: My Chemical Romance could do virtually anything (as long as it’s not another hiatus), and fans would be eternally indebted to them....