Thursday, September 24, 2020

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MCR my chemical romance reunion return show los angeles

My Chemical Romance deleted teaser causes more speculation

Following a cryptic photo posted on My Chemical Romance causing fan speculation of a London, UK show, fans have noticed an error on Warner Music's...
MCR my chemical romance reunion return show los angeles

Gerard Way return outfit sparks new My Chemical Romance album theory

My Chemical Romance just closed out the decade with one of the greatest reunions of all time. A ton of mystery still surrounds their...
my chemical romance danger days, new merch, new symbols funko pop

My Chemical Romance reveal new symbols alongside return merch

My Chemical Romance day is in full swing. As the hour of their performance grows closer, fans in line have kept an eagle eye on...
my chemical romance merlin mcr 5 statue 2019 return

My Chemical Romance return sparks fan theories over new imagery

Since the My Chemical Romance return announcement, the band have remained relatively quiet. We’ve gotten a couple of new show and festival appearance announcements,...