Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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15 items you need to enroll at ‘The Umbrella Academy’ before season 2

Fans of The Umbrella Academy have been eagerly anticipating the Netflix series’ second season ever since the first premiered. The streaming service finally revealed...
Aidan Gallagher My Chemical Romance Return Show 2019

Here’s the one hint Gerard Way gave Aidan Gallagher before MCR’s return

Before being cast as Number Five on the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, Aidan Gallagher admired My Chemical Romance’s deeply conceptualized concepts that helped...
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‘The Umbrella Academy’ fan theory ponders Number Five’s true identity

The Umbrella Academy left quite a bit to be answered before signing off on season one. Fans have been clamoring for any type of...
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‘Umbrella Academy’ fans discover new easter egg involving Number Five

The Umbrella Academy fans have discovered an easter egg in the show about Number Five that we can’t believe we missed. One Twitter user...
Gerard Way, Five, Umbrella Academy

Gerard Way reveals favorite line in ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Last evening, Gerard Way took to Instagram to give props to Aidan Gallagher’s excellent portrayal of Number Five in The Umbrella Academy Netflix adaptation....
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‘The Umbrella Academy’ fans want Five to be named after MCR member

After realizing that many fans wanted Number Five to have a real name in Gerard Way’s Netflix adaptation of The Umbrella Academy, the show...