Saturday, May 25, 2019

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American Satan, Paradise City, Twilight, Ben Bruce

Ben Bruce jokes about ‘Twilight’ dreams with ‘Paradise City’ co-star

Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce shared a behind the scenes photo on the set of American Satan’s spinoff TV series, Paradise City with Twilight...
american satan andy biersack

‘American Satan’ spin-off reveals relative release date

Following the announcement that American Satan was getting its own spin-off TV series, Paradise City, fans of the film have gotten just a little...
american satan andy biersack

Here’s how you can be in the ‘American Satan’ TV spinoff

Fans were elated after hearing the news that American Satan would be getting its own TV spinoff series called Paradise City. Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce and Black...
american satan andy biersack

‘American Satan’ actors confirmed for new TV spinoff

One American Satan star just confirmed his and another actor's return to the supernatural thrill-world created by Sumerian Films' Ash Avildsen in a previously...

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