Friday, September 25, 2020

Tag: photo shoot


Billie Eilish tells impersonators “it’s not safe” to be her for pranks

Billie Eilish is asking others to stop impersonating her saying that "it's not safe" and makes her "look bad." The statement comes after she finds...

10 of the funniest Fall Out Boy photo shoots of all time

Lords of rock ’n’ roll Fall Out Boy have had an incredible run over the past 15 years of their musical career. So far...

Asking Alexandria – Behind the AP cover shoot (Pt.3)

To celebrate Asking Alexandria's first AP cover, we take you behind the scenes of Asking Alexandria's cover shoot for our September issue, AP 302! Both...

Exclusive: Behind the scenes at States’ photo shoot

(Photo: Ethan Luck) Hang out with States as they do their first official photo shoot for their forthcoming album, due later this year.