Monday, September 23, 2019

Tag: premiere

Premiere: The Saddest Landscape’s “In Love With The Sound”

Check out this premiere of The Saddest Landscape's "In Love With The Sound" from their upcoming full-length After The Lights, due out February 14...

Premiere: State Faults’ “Arrowhead”

Check out this premiere of "Arrowhead" from Santa Rosa, CA screamo outfit State Faults. The group, formerly known as Brother Bear, will be releasing...

Premiere: Angels And Airwaves “Anxiety” (Making Of the Video)

Check out how Angels And Airwaves put together the video for the song "Anxiety," which is on their new album, Love Part II.

Premiere: Mayday Parade’s “When You See My Friends” (Acoustic)

Check out an acoustic version of "When You See My Friends," which is found on Mayday Parade's new, self-titled release.

Track By Track: The Maine’s “Don’t Give Up On (Us)”

Find out the inspiration behind "Don't  Give Up On (Us)," the first single from the Maine's forthcoming album, Pioneer, which is out Dec. 6. You...

Premiere: K Sera’s “The Cantos: ii” EP

On Nov. 1, K Será--the other band of the March Ahead's Michael Caswell--will be releasing a new EP. Titled The Cantos: ii, it is...

Premiere: City Lights’ “Where You’ve Been”

Check out the premiere of City Lights' video for "Where You've Been." The song appears on the band's forthcoming album, In It To Win...