Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Tag: pride

disneyland paris pride

Disneyland Paris to host first-ever Pride celebration

Disney is finally hosting an official Pride event, and it’s about time. Disneyland Paris is set to become the first Disney park to host...
Virign pride flight

Virgin Airlines now selling tickets for first ever ‘Pride’ flight

Virgin Airlines is set to make history next year with their first-ever "Pride Flight," a flight that is set to be operated by an...
pride third gender

“You be you:” New York City mayor signs bill adding third gender option

New York City just became the next location to add a third gender option to birth certificates, marking a huge victory for the LGBTQ...

Disney releases rainbow Mickey ears just in time for Pride Month

We didn't think it was possible for Disney to get any more magical, but with their new rainbow ears, they absolutely did. Just in time...

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