Friday, May 24, 2019

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QUIZ: Which MySpace-era accessory are you?

We're taking you back to the cringe-worthy days of MySpace where we regrettably participated in some questionable trends and fads. Which one are you?  

QUIZ: Which ‘Limitless’ Jenna McDougall look are you?

In celebration of Tonight Alive's newest album Limitless being released today, we're putting fans to the test. We have seen Jenna McDougall rock a wide...
11 absolutely ridiculous MCR fan theories that are just crazy enough to work

Can you pass this ridiculous My Chemical Romance test?

Soldiers of the MCRmy: For the 10th anniversary of The Black Parade, we think it's time to brush up on our MCR knowledge! Take this...

QUIZ: Which Alternative Pet are you?

Our favorite bands also include some of our favorite animals acting as the loyal sidekicks to their humans. Every issue, we feature one of...

QUIZ: Which pop cover song are you?

The bands of our scene have infected mainstream and transformed some of the most popular pop songs into screaming head-bangers. Which one are you?  

QUIZ: Who should be your Valentine’s Day bae?

Whether you love or hate Valentine's Day, we all know it could be 100 times better if our favorite band member was showering us...

QUIZ: Which Oli Sykes tattoo are you?

It's not uncommon for artists in our scene to be drenched in ink. Take our quiz to find out which piece of Oli Sykes'...

QUIZ: Which Hayley Williams hair era are you?

Paramore is known for their music first and Hayley Williams' hair second. Hayley's been adventurous with her hairstyles, trying everything from red baby bangs...

QUIZ: Which AP Gremlin are you?

Take the quiz below:  

QUIZ: Are you an All Time Low expert?

Are you an All Time Low superfan? Do you think you know everything there is to know about All Time Low? Take the quiz...

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