Monday, December 16, 2019

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‘Bird Box’ star Sandra Bullock wins MTV Award for Most Frightened

The MTV Movie and TV Awards took place Monday night and gave out awards to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. The first award of the...
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Here’s what the ‘Bird Box’ monster was supposed to look like

Bird Box seems to be all anyone can talk about lately, and with good reason. The post-apocalyptic thriller broke Netflix’s record for most viewers in a single...
bird box sandra bullock

There’s a cameo in ‘Bird Box’ that almost no one knows about

In another one of those 'blink and you might miss it' moments, Bird Box boasts a cameo that only eagle-eyed MTV fans would have...
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‘Bird Box’ breaks Netflix record for most viewers in single week

Bird Box is the movie that everyone has been talking about — and for good reason. Apparently, the film broke Netflix’s record for most...