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The All-American Rejects, Spotify

The All-American Rejects get rebellious with “Gen Why? (DGAF)” video

The All-American Rejects have dropped a video for their track “Gen Why? (DGAF)” that’s an amazing throwback sing-a-long.  The video shows kids running from the...
all american rejects send her to heaven

How well do you know “Send Her To Heaven” by the All-American Rejects?

After extensive teasing, the All-American Rejects finally dropped the "something special" they've been posting about with a single, "Send Her To Heaven." We've been spinning the new...
The All-American Rejects, Spotify

All-American Rejects finally reveal EP release date after mysterious teasers

The All-American Rejects have finally unveiled the meaning behind their cryptic teasers, and to fans delight, it’s new music.  To backtrack, the band have been...