Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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iPhone Siri Challenge

Musicians are taking the latest Siri Challenge to an impressive new level

iPhone users asking Siri "What is one trillion to the tenth power" isn't anything new, but this mathematical equation has sparked the latest Siri...
Siri iPhone Halloween

Need costume ideas? Ask Siri “What should I be for Halloween?”

Are you stuck for Halloween costume ideas this year? Take out your iPhone and ask Siri, "What should I be for Halloween?" Chances are some...
Stan Lee at Comic-Con 2015

Siri was apparently telling people that Stan Lee died yesterday

Siri was telling people that 95-year-old comic book maven Stan Lee is dead, according to a new report from one CinemaBlend reporter. Apple's virtual...

Facebook launching its version of Siri

According to Facebook Messenger head David Marcus, the social network platform is rolling out its response to a virtual assistant. Various app-users in the...

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