Friday, April 10, 2020

Tag: suicide silence

Suicide Silence post video for “You Only Live Once”

Suicide Silence's music video for "You Only Live Once" from their new album The Black Crown can be seen below.

Suicide Silence post behind the scenes of music video

Suicide Silence have posted a behind the scenes look at filming of their music video for "You Only Live Once." The band's new album,...

Suicide Silence post new song lyric video

Suicide Silence have posted a new song entitled "Fuck Everyone." The band's upcoming record, The Black Crown, will be in stores on July 12.

Suicide Silence reveal official “The Black Crown” tracklisting

Suicide Silence have released the official tracklisting for their third album, The Black Crown, which is out July 12. Straight from the band's label,...

Suicide Silence release studio update video

Suicide Silence have posted a studio update video as they record their upcoming album, The Black Crown. The album is scheduled to drop on...

Suicide Silence release new song, “You Only Live Once”

Suicide Silence have posted a new song titled, "You Only Live Once". The band's upcoming record, The Black Crown, will be in stores on...