Monday, December 9, 2019

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best albums 2019

The 50 best albums of 2019 in alternative, punk, alt-pop and beyond

The time has come for the collective internet to narrow down their favorite albums of 2019. With more releases than we can count dropping...
the devil wears prada chemical video

The Devil Wears Prada create their own hell in “Chemical” video

The Devil Wears Prada are sharing their first music video off their latest album, The Act, which marked their first since 2016. While “Chemical”...
the devil wears prada the act

The Devil Wears Prada refuse to play it safe with ‘The Act’—review

After announcing The Act, the Devil Wears Prada said the new album would be pushing the boundaries of their sound, and they’ve done exactly...
the devil wears prada 2019 tdwp

The Devil Wears Prada created ‘The Act’ to “catch people off guard”

The Devil Wears Prada just announced their forthcoming seventh full-length album, The Act, but it’s not going to be merely another record from the...
The Devil Wears Prada, 2018

The Devil Wears Prada announce first new album since 2016

Yesterday, The Devil Wears Prada posted a cryptic video teaser that sent fans into a frenzy and raised a lot of questions. Now, it looks...
iconic album artwork

50 iconic alternative album art from the 2000s

We certainly don’t just buy albums because they look cool, but we still think it’s important to appreciate a piece of music for its...