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Ramones-Punk albums of 1987

These 15 punk albums of 1987 brought more noise and power than ever

Welcome to the best punk albums of 1987. But first, some context. Feb. 20, 1987: An attack by a domestic terrorist called "the Unabomber"...
Henry Rollins Black Flag 1983

These 15 punk records from 1981 have some of the year’s best music

1981 was the year hardcore engulfed everything punk. Skanking pit warriors swarmed a stage at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles. England had its...
Dead Kennedys 002 1980 punk

These 15 punk records from 1980 were complete game-changers

By 1980, U.S. major labels abandoned punk with Sid Vicious' corpse. The American underground reacted, hard: “Don't want us? Fuck you, we'll do it...