Monday, July 6, 2020

Tag: The Twisted Tales Of The Ritalin Club

the yungblud show-min

Watch YUNGBLUD perform an unreleased song on his YouTube show

This week, YUNGBLUD announced that he is bringing back his YouTube variety show The YUNGBLUD Show to benefit Black Lives Matter. During the latest episode...
yungblud the underrated youth ep

YUNGBLUD reveals comical mistake in first batch of graphic novels

YUNGBLUD has had no time to slow down after crowdsurfing his way through Times Square and releasing his recent the underrated youth EP. To...
yungblud the underrated youth ep

YUNGBLUD rallies ‘the underrated youth’ in most important EP yet

Anyone who knows anything about YUNGBLUD will tell you that he’s constantly making moves, from crowdsurfing his way through Times Square or ping-ponging across...
YUNGBLUD 369 cover

YUNGBLUD shares ‘The Ritalin Club’ characters graphic novel sneak peek

We've been eagerly awaiting any and all sneak peeks of YUNGBLUD's forthcoming graphic novel ever since its announcement mid-May. The singer announced he’s teaming...
YUNGBLUD 369 cover

YUNGBLUD launches mysterious hotline, sparks fan theories

YUNGBLUD has been all for cryptic teasers lately. Last week, the singer launched what would later be revealed as a zoomed in version of...