Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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Exclusive: Say Anything, ‘Hebrews’ Video Track By Track With Max Bemis

In this video track by track, watch Say Anything frontman Max Bemis explain the band’s new album, Hebrews. The record was released on June 10...

Bayside – ‘Cult’ track by track

Bayside recently stopped by the AP offices and told us the stories behind a few of their favorite songs from their latest album, Cult, which is...

Breathe Carolina – ‘Savages’ Track By Track

Breathe Carolina tell us the stories behind their favorite tracks from their new album Savages, which came out yesterday via Fearless Records. You can stream the...

We Are The In Crowd – ‘Weird Kids’ video track by track

When We Are The In Crowd were recently in town, they sat down with AP to discuss their favorite songs from their latest album Weird Kids, out...

Memphis May Fire – ‘Unconditional’ video track-by-track

Memphis May Fire frontman Matty Mullins and guitarist Kellen McGregor talk about a few songs from their new album Unconditional, which is out now via...

Chiodos – ‘Devil’ video track-by-track commentary

Chiodos frontman Craig Owens and bassist Matt Goddard explain the stories behind the songs  "3 a.m.," "Duct Tape," "Why The Munsters Matter" and "Sunny Days...

Fireworks – ‘Oh, Common Life’ track by track and “Glowing Crosses” video premiere

Fireworks' new album Oh, Common Life (stream | purchase) received a 4.5/5 star review from us, wherein our writer stated of the lyrics, "It’s really quite...

Sleeper Agent – ‘About Last Night’ track by track

About Last Night, as the title implies, is a very personal record. It is so personal that we decided to make it very public....

Miss May I release ‘Rise Of The Lion’ track by track

Miss May I have released a track by track video, discussing the songs on their upcoming fourth full-length album, Rise Of The Lion.  The...

Video Track-By-Track: Close Your Eyes, ‘Line In The Sand’

Vocalist Sam Ryder and guitarist/vocalist Brett Callaway take you through each track from the new Close Your Eyes album, Line In The Sand, which is out now on Victory Records. http://www.youtube.com/embed/FgzmHa2t0RY

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