Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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alternative press election survey

Alternative Press 2020 straw poll—sound off on your election opinions

Welcome to the first Alternative Press Election 2020 Straw Poll. Whether you’ll be old enough to vote by November 3, 2020 or not, we’d really...
Panic! At The Disco "Say Amen"

Here’s how you can win Panic! At The Disco’s “Say Amen” signed guitar

Panic! At The Disco have teamed up with HeadCount to bring you the chance to win the guitar featured in the "Say Amen" music...
american flag vote filter

HeadCount reveals which tours registered the most voters

HeadCount is a nonpartisan organization that works with musicians to register fans to vote at concerts and music festivals. As the year comes to...

Snapchat registered 400,000 voters in two weeks

Across a two-week period, Snapchat pushed users over 18 to register to vote for the midterm elections Nov. 6. How? By adding a button...
We promise this isn’t fake news. But we’d still really like it if you registered to vote in the midterm elections Nov. 6.

Fake entertainment news circulating to encourage voter registration

A stream of social media users and even prominent brands have been sharing fake news stories to get people to register to vote. If...