Saturday, August 8, 2020

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green day 2020

30 Green Day deep cuts you should definitely know by now

2020 marks 30 years since Green Day’s first album, 39/Smooth. While they’ve had plenty of hits and radio favorites over the last few decades,...
green day alternative press cover 381

Green Day song by song ranking of band’s studio album tracks

Green Day have been around since 1987 and huge since 1994. That’s not an understatement or exaggeration. Since the band just put out their...
green day alternative press cover 381

Green Day are punk’s greatest band—and we have the magazine to prove it

Green Day didn't invent punk rock, but they did the most for it. Over the course of 13 studio albums, three live releases, a...
green day american idiot ap cover 2004 issue 195

‘American Idiot’ turns 15, but the Green Day punk opera still prevails

Maybe it’s the aroma of stale pizza and potato chips that hangs grease-thick in the air. Perhaps it’s the lighting system, dimmed to an...