Thursday, July 2, 2020

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GARZI 2020

GARZI finally embraces his emo roots on the ‘STUCK IN THE MIDDLE’ EP

Self-professed Warped Tour apprentice GARZI is reinventing himself. After two productive years under the umbrella of SoundCloud rap, he’s exploring his melodic emo roots....
lil lotus 2020

Lil Lotus is rewriting the emo playbook and there are no rules

Lil Lotus grins as he admits, “I’ve always stood out like a sore fucking thumb.” With a sawed-off shotgun tattooed above his eyebrow, a...
Warped Tour Header final

Here’s how you can relive your Warped Tour days in ‘Animal Crossing’

Since its launch last month, Nintendo's Animal Crossing has been the main source of entertainment for many of those quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic....

Tsunami Bomb are having a blast against “Naysayers” in new video—watch

Tsunami Bomb are back! NorCal’s stellar pop-punk-with-teeth outfit are back with their first new record in 15 years, The Spine That Binds, tomorrow on...
WARPED TOUR 2016 crowd

Warped Tour announces more information for future plans

More information has been revealed regarding Warped Tour’s 25th-anniversary festivities. In addition to the relative locations, we now have specific dates for Cleveland, the...
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Kevin Lyman teases future Warped Tour plans

This year may have seen the the last full, cross-country Vans Warped Tour, but founder Kevin Lyman is already teasing cities and dates for...