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Awsten Knight and Joel Madden have a low tolerance for boredom—watch

Given Waterparks’ discography, it would have been entirely acceptable and too easy for them to release a true-to-form greatest hits record composed of fan-favorite...
Waterparks Alternative Press Issue 394 Greatest Hits

Waterparks redefine ‘Greatest Hits’ on their all-new AltPress cover

If you typed “waterparks” into your Google search bar four years ago, you’d likely have been sent back local ads for “waterparks near you.”...
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You have to hear Waterparks’ dreamy new remix of this ‘FANDOM’ track

Waterparks have just dropped a smooth and space-y remix of their song "Telephone." "Telephone" is the sixth track on their 2019 record FANDOM.  The trio...