Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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Waterparks 2019 dream boy fandom

Awsten Knight sets fan challenge for new Waterparks album

Waterparks fans may have a little something to look forward to today. Singer Awsten Knight took to social media this afternoon with a wild...
Waterparks 2019 dream boy fandom

Waterparks record ‘Entertainment’ mashup to feel like they “own old music”

Waterparks released FANDOM only a few weeks ago and now the trio is already pumping out new hits, well old hits, but new. The boys felt like...
waterparks altpress 376 awsten knight fandom

Waterparks take FANDOM on an unfiltered joyride in next AltPress cover

On FANDOM, their debut album for Hopeless Records, the young men of Waterparks have dedicated themselves to being real. Awsten Knight, Geoff Wigington and...