RATSTAR believes shopping vintage is the best way to avoid fast fashion

When Layla Shapiro and Emma Harris decided to embark on the journey of opening their first store, RATSTAR, it wasn’t without years of hard work and experience. The pair would spend every day driving around Los Angeles looking to score the best vintage clothing and accessories that weren’t only quality products but extensions of their […]

Photographer Bob Gruen talks new book and capturing punk's early days

Each month, Alternative Press Gallery explores the work of photographers, directors and other creatives who help shape the music world from behind the scenes. With each issue, we explore the stories behind the shoots and take deep dives into the most compelling media, asking about the vision as well as the happy accidents that create […]

Marvel Studios reveals new shows and more in celebration of Disney+ Day

The Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps getting bigger, with a slew of TV series coming to Disney+. The streaming platform is celebrating its second anniversary with plenty of updates about their upcoming television shows and movies. Among these announcements are numerous series reveals from Marvel Studios. One of the announcements revisits the iconic character Spider-Man.  The […]

Danny Elfman announces first solo album in 37 years with "True" video

Award-winning composer Danny Elfman is gearing up to release Big Mess, his first full-length solo album since 1984’s synth-pop LP So-Lo. Elfman has now officially announced his forthcoming album with his new slow-burn track “True.” On April 12, Elfman unleashed a chaotic new video for “True” which offers another preview of what fans can expect […]

10 iconic ’90s songs that you can easily learn to play on guitar

Every guitarist knows the feeling of first picking up the instrument and being at a total loss for where to start. While everyone just wants to jam out to their favorite hits, there’s often a learning curve involved. That said, there are plenty of beginner-level songs that you can learn how to play with just […]

10 albums from the ’90s that pushed the feminist movement to new heights

It’s a bit sad that feminism and music go so perfectly hand in hand. The movement shouldn’t have to be twisted into a countercultural phenomenon driven by defiance. After all, in any reasonable world, the equality and representation of women and marginalized groups should be inherent. As it stands, though, feminism depends on rationally minded […]

10 alternative albums by women that have influenced music since the '90s

As some of our favorite pop-punk bands continue to show us, we have a lot to thank 1990s alternative music for. Not only did the mainstream explosion set the foundations for the genre collective as we know it, but it put quite a number of women on the forefront. While the gender distribution across the alternative genre […]

Mike Shinoda drops “Happy Endings” video with iann dior and UPSAHL

Last month, Mike Shinoda made history with his new single “Happy Endings” which features iann dior and UPSAHL. After its debut, Shinoda became the first major label artist to successfully launch a single through NFT Auction. All of the proceeds from the auction were donated to the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. Now, the […]

Hayley Williams reimagines this ’90s Failure classic in new cover—watch

Hayley Williams is bringing back her self-serenades for a special new cover. This week, the Paramore vocalist took to social media to share her own acoustic rendition of the Failure classic “The Nurse Who Loved Me” from the ’90s. Read more: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross win 2021 Critics Choice Award for Best Score Over […]

10 ‘MTV Unplugged’ performances from the ’90s that remain iconic

There’s no doubt that the relative abundance of “unplugged” performances has skyrocketed in the past year. It makes sense, given that pared-back sessions are far easier to conduct over a livestream than a full-band setup. Still, though, we can’t help but feel like we’re experiencing a bit of a ’90s cultural revival. If you have […]

10 pop-punk bands from the '90s who are still influencing the genre

There’s no denying that the ’90s set the foundation for pop punk as we know it. For over 20 years, many of the genre’s early pioneers have served as a source of inspiration for emerging outfits. A select handful, however, have assumed the responsibility to actively progress the scene themselves. The mainstream alternative surge may have fizzled […]

10 pop-punk albums from the '90s that set the path for the genre

It’s easy to mistake the foundations of pop punk as being laid in the 2000s. After all, that’s when the mainstream radio takeover of the genre occurred. As it turns out, though, we really have the ’90s to thank for our favorite artists and albums.  With the meteoric rise of bands such as Nirvana and […]

10 emerging punk rock bands who are bringing new life to the genre

If the sonic leanings of new alternative bands are any indication, pop punk isn’t dead and neither is punk rock. Be it through the continued influence of traditional groups or experimental infusions by genre-bending outfits, the punk sound is still ever-prevalent in the modern scene. While not all of the emerging bands harness the sound from […]

10 diss tracks you won't believe these alternative artists actually released

Nothing grabs listeners’ attention like a good diss track. After all, it’s pretty much human nature to tap into any source of drama one can find. Eminem‘s been on a roll with the tactic. The rapper made headlines after taking a jab at Machine Gun Kelly on his 2018 album, Kamikaze. Now, on his latest record, he’s […]

10 bands who still have their original lineup over 20 years later

Many bands take maintaining the same lineup quite seriously, even if it’s one of the most difficult things to pull off. Especially if longevity is also high up on their list of priorities.  Those who have accomplished it wear it as a badge of honor, such as U2. Frontman Bono often says they are who […]

20 underrated punk albums that should be considered classics

Some of your favorite punk bands released (what should be) classic albums that, for whatever reason, superfans and the general public just couldn’t get behind. And sometimes bands you’ve never heard of release an album that would top many “best of” lists had there been a proper push and an ardent buzz behind the record. […]

10 singers whose first band will probably surprise you

Many of you are no doubt listening to the new Gwen Stefani single and thinking back to when you first heard Tragic Kingdom. Where you were, what you were doing, how long the show Beverly Hills, 90210 could possibly last. Hate to break it to you, ’90s kids, but there are a ton of teenagers […]

10 'Simpsons' band cameos that'll make you wish you lived in Springfield

As the longest-running animated television show in history, The Simpsons has been around for the rise and fall of grunge, the emergence of pop punk and countless other shifts in the music world. Throughout the past 31 years, The Simpsons has landed some of music’s most successful artists as guest stars. While the fan-proclaimed “golden […]

Twiztid's upcoming rock album is taking them back in time

Twiztid have been doing their own thing for a long time. Over the years, the rap duo of Jamie Madrox (Jamie Spaniolo) and Monoxide (Paul Methric) have evolved from the horror-flick hip-hop that first got them noticed in the ’90s to amassing a dedicated cult following and a highly successful merchandising business. Case in point: […]

QUIZ: Which ‘Addams Family’ character are you most like?

We haven’t been able to stop thinking about Tim Burton‘s upcoming Addams Family TV reboot from the second it was announced.  Many have retold The Addams Family‘s story various times over the years. American cartoonist Charles Addams first created the fictional household and its characters in 1938. However, the story has had various screen adaptations […]
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