2020 election

QUIZ: Create a playlist, and we’ll tell you a new band to listen to

Alternative rock—pop punk in particular—is going through some new waves at present. Especially now with downtime in the wake of canceled tours, many artists are turning to creative experimentalism. The result? A stacked collection of new alternative bands with totally unique sounds. Granted, it can be hard to find some of these gems. With music […]

Hear the song FEVER 333 recorded in the wake of U.S. election results

This weekend’s U.S. general election results have not only impacted American citizens but also world leaders and individuals worldwide. For FEVER 333, they had so many thoughts about the election results that they wrote a new song. On Tuesday, FEVER 333 surprise dropped “Once Again” which they wrote and recorded just 24 hours after the […]

Laura Jane Grace, Anti-Flag and Bad Religion want to build back better

As the 2020 Presidential Election was broadcast live in front of millions across the country and around the world, the road to the White House is far off. What has turned into one of the most controversial elections in our nation’s history has also become one of the most monumental. Breaking all previous records, President-elect […]

See how the internet is using Donald Trump’s catchphrase against him

Well, the United States’ 2020 election day has quickly turned into an election week. While we wait to see if Joe Biden or Donald Trump win the remaining key states, the internet has been sharing plenty of thoughts, tweets and memes since Tuesday. Now, the internet is using one of Trump’s popular catchphrases against him […]

Evanescence did something they've never done before with "Use My Voice"

With 17 years under their belts since their debut album, Fallen, invaded prom nights and every rock radio station across America, Evanescence have homed in on creating a hybrid of rock ’n’ roll and symphony. With powerhouse vocalist Amy Lee at the helm, the group have amassed an enormously dedicated fanbase across their four full-lengths. […]

Here’s how you can register to vote online in your state

With the 2020 presidential election only a couple of months away, National Voter Registration Day is upon us, and the scene is reminding you to make sure you’re registered. Registration deadlines vary in each state, but it’s better to do it sooner rather than later to make sure you can put in your ballot Nov. […]

Anti-Flag are taking you beyond barricades in a new documentary

For 27 years, Anti-Flag have gone beyond being just a band. They’ve drawn attention to themselves by delivering specific political messages in a bold way. From highlighting former President George W. Bush’s controversies in 2004 with a compilation disc, Rock Against Bush, Vol. 1 and 2, to denouncing the Trump administration on 20/20 Vision earlier […]

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take their campaign to ‘Animal Crossing’

Staring Sept. 1, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can show their support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris‘ 2020 presidential campaign. The Biden-Harris campaign has released four different yard signs that Animal Crossing players can now decorate their lawns with. Read more: Here’s how to order a Pumpkin Cheesecake Frappuccino at Starbucks Due to coronavirus, […]

Kanye West denies he’s being paid to help with Trump’s re-election

Back in July, Kanye West announced that he is running for President of the United States. Shortly following his announcement, theories emerged that West’s campaign is in efforts to help Donald Trump get re-elected. As well, many believe he is being paid to do so. Read more: Aerie is being criticized for including free tape […]

See Cardi B interview Joe Biden on racial equality, Trump and more

This week, Cardi B and Joe Biden took part in a socially-distant interview to discuss the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Along with Donald Trump, the duo discussed coronavirus, racial equality, the importance of voting and more in the new interview. Read more: Mark Hoppus ranked his favorite blink-182 albums but forgot this classic Thanks to […]

Linh Le (Bad Cop / Bad Cop) stresses election importance to Derek Zanetti

Derek Zanetti is the self-described “Mr. Rogers of Punk Rock”—a moniker that’s especially fitting considering his status as an ever-smiling ambassador for positive vibes, staunch socio-political activism and his primary position as the frontman of the raucous and thoughtful DIY punk outfit the Homeless Gospel Choir. Zanetti is an impassioned pundit of the protest song—a […]

Alternative Press 2020 straw poll—sound off on your election opinions

Welcome to the first Alternative Press Election 2020 Straw Poll. Whether you’ll be old enough to vote by November 3, 2020 or not, we’d really like to get your opinion of the candidates and some of the important issues in next year’s national election. We’ve never done a poll like this before with our readers, […]