30th anniversary

“When your best friend is the voice on the stereo": AP At 30 is a family affair

Photo by Graham Fielder Today, there is a magazine cover on display at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, an early mock-up of the APMAs issue starring All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat. The cover shot is lined with editorial notes, yellow Post-its and red ink. Behind the glass, under the cover […]

Rock Hall gallery: 'Never Give Up: Alternative Press Magazine at 30'

Photographer: Graham Fielder Alternative Press celebrated its 30th anniversary last night with a special exhibit at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame—”Never Give Up: Alternative Press Magazine at 30.” After the ceremony, New Politics performed.  All Photos by Graham Fielder

'Back To The Future' cast reunites for film's 30th anniversary—watch

On July 3, 1985, one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time was released. Back To The Future was a phenomenon and went on to become one of the most beloved and widely celebrated films (and franchises) of all time. Recently, at London Film & Comic-Con, the film's stars, Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson and […]

30 Years of AP: Editors (past and present) pick 30 crucial tracks

In honor of our 30th anniversary, we polled the many editors, wunderkinds, and general shit starters past and present to create this playlist: 30 years and 30 tracks. Below you’ll find the crucial songs that soundtracked each staff member’s tenure, shaping editorial content, artistic discovery and general office morale. 1. DAVID EARLE, Editor-in-chief (1985-1988) Scratch Acid, […]

AP at 30: Photography Editor Nathan Leach Snapped the Foundation of AP’s Visual Legacy

Of the myriad of publishing arts, photography might be the most ambiguous and unteachable. Being in the right place, at the right angle, at the right millisecond, with the right lens, in the right light — it all amounts to an act of practical magic. And no amount of photographic skill is useful if you […]

30 Years of AP: David Earle, AP’s First Editor, Guided it From Local Rag to International Mag

Dr. David Earle was the first editor of Alternative Press. A full 30 years later, the magazine and punk-rock never come up in conversation in his daily life, even when he writes scholarly books about periodical publications. But the magazine still informs his personal and professional world, whether he’s teaching college courses or breaking out […]

30 Years Of AP: Director of New Media Rob Ortenzi talks industrial music and the digital revolution

Who is Rob Ortenzi? He’s the most sarcastic man on earth. He’s a huge Apple fan. He’s a former “industrial” dude, and he’s also Alternative Press’ Director of New Media. Ortenzi has been with the magazine for 16 years (since 1998) and he spearheaded our voyage into the digital realm. In honor of AP’s 30th […]

AP celebrates 30 years with special exhibit at Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Now in its 30th year, Alternative Press Magazine continues to be on the forefront of discovering new artists, breaking news and reporting on the latest trends in music and youth culture. Since its early days as a pasted-up fanzine in the mid-’80s, Alternative Press has been revered as one of the largest music magazines in […]

30 Years of AP: Aaron Burgess Helped the Magazine Embrace Its Inner Warped Tour

In retrospect, Alternative Press’ eventual role as the Rolling Stone for the Warped Tour generation was an obvious conclusion: the magazine’s roots were in vintage punk-rock. When punk grew up, AP grew with it.But as the story unfolded, the magazine’s path was not nearly so linear. Before Warped exploded as a cultural force, the idea […]

AP Creative director Christopher Benton talks pizza box computers and shirtless wax parties

Photo: AP Creative Director Christopher Benton with twenty one pilots Would you believe it if we told you that Alternative Press Creative Director, Christopher Benton, had never done design on a computer before his first day on the job? It’s true, but back in the late ’80s and early ’90s, that wasn’t an uncommon story. […]

The Color Morale, Miss May I, Falling In Reverse more wish AP a happy 30th birthday!

Today is AP's 30th birthday, and we're celebrating with well-wishes from some of your favorite bands! Thank you for sticking with us and spreading the love, The Word Alive, The Color Morale, Falling In Reverse, Miss May I and Norma Jean! Here's to 30 more years! More anniversary shenanigans:  10 essential AP covers, from Nirvana […]

Former AP editor Rob Cherry: "AP wasn’t just a job, it was a lifestyle"

Rob Cherry, a high school friend of AP founder/publisher Mike Shea, joined the magazine in 1990. A recent college graduate, he made some sacrifices to join the staff. “To show you how bad the economy was, and how small AP was at the time, I actually had to take a pay cut from my job […]

Frank Iero, PVRIS, Saves The Day and more wish AP a happy 30th anniversary!

Did you know AP turns 30 tomorrow?! We can hardly believe it either!  Thank you for wishing us a happy birthday, for being a part of our history and for helping us build our future: Frank Iero, You Blew It!, Saves The Day, James Dewees and PVRIS!  More anniversary shenanigans:  10 essential AP covers, from Nirvana […]

Pierce The Veil, Beartooth, Knuckle Puck and more wish AP a happy 30th birthday!

Did you know Alternative Press turns 30 this week?! Thank you to the members of Knuckle Puck, Pierce The Veil, Beartooth, Chelsea Grin and Hands Like Houses for wishing us a happy anniversary and for making these past years special! Here's looking forward to 30 more with you! In case you missed it, we've been […]

30 Years Of AP: Editor Joe Banks pushed the magazine into the digital age

In the mid-1990s, an idea began making the rounds among the journalist set: This new computer thing called the internet was going to be big. Many—if not most—established print-media behemoths resisted the ’net for a decade, to their detriment. A few forward thinkers at established periodicals embraced the idea. Alternative Press founder Mike Shea returned […]

30 Years Of AP: From grunge to emo, with editor in chief Jason Pettigrew

In celebration of Alternative Press’ 30th anniversary, we’ve conducted special interviews with the magazine’s “founding fathers,” so to speak. Jason Pettigrew is AP’s editor in chief, and he’s been with the company since 1986—almost its entire 30 years! Pettigrew is a unique blend of rebel and class—he could fit in at the roughest of basement […]

10 essential AP covers, from Nirvana to Fall Out Boy

While we don’t make a habit of tooting our own horn, anniversaries are a time for reflection, and on this page we’re highlighting the cover stars we featured before the rest of the world caught on. Whether it was their first-ever magazine cover, or the first time they got the front page stateside—these artists represent […]

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz & Patrick Stump on their evolving sound

Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy talk about the transition from Save Rock And Roll to their latest album, American Beauty/American Psycho. The band are currently covering our 30th anniversary issue, which is on newsstands now. Get your copy today!

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz & Patrick Stump talk AP memories

Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy talk about their history and memories with AP Magazine. The band are currently covering our 30th anniversary issue, which is on newsstands now. Get your copy today!