The best punk albums of 2006, from My Chemical Romance to +44

From My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade to +44’s When Your Heart Stops Beating, these are the best punk albums of 2006.

15 artists who would crush a collab on blink-182's next record

When blink-182 announced the collaborations for their upcoming album, the message-board grumblings were loud. The additions seemed too mainstream for a band who often mocked pop culture.  On the other hand, making a play at distant fanbases can only help the scene. If Pharrell fans turn back to blink-182, maybe they’ll get a taste for, […]

10 spoken-word song intros you should never skip over

In music, there are few universal truths. That said, the inherent ability for a well-crafted spoken-word part to send a shiver down the spine of anyone who hears it is definitely one. Of course, that goes double when such a moment is your first introduction to a song. There’s really no wrong way to incorporate […]

QUIZ: Did Tom DeLonge or Mark Hoppus sing these lyrics?

Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge are two pop-punk vocalists who have played a major role in making some of the scene’s most popular tracks.  From all of their records with blink-182 and various side projects, including Angels & Airwaves, Box Car Racer, Simple Creatures and more, the two have belted out hundreds of lyrics over […]

16 scene albums from 2006 you built most of your iPod playlists from

History doesn’t lie. Consult sales charts. Ask Kevin Lyman what Warped Tour‘s box office receipts were like. For all intents and purposes, 2006 could be best described as “peak scene.” Careers were built. Fandoms became strong. The pool of Dudes Playing Guitars Quickly And Loudly grew exponentially. These are the scene albums from 2006 that […]

17 scene albums from 2006 you probably still listen to daily

By 2006, scene culture had grown roots in every mainstream area possible. Myspace took over as the primary mode of social media communication, and bands spread like wildfire once they uploaded music. It was a whirlwind year, as music became more accessible to a larger group of people, Hot Topic brightened its lights and studded […]

Mark Hoppus playing +44 songs again will take you back to 2006

Mark Hoppus has once again blessed us all with his latest Twitch session. On Tuesday, the bassist once again played blink-182 and +44 songs while his son played Super Smash Brothers.   Earlier this week Hoppus hosted his first Animal Crossing: New Horizons live stream. He sat with his son, Jack, to play some songs while […]

Here’s the Tom DeLonge era song blink-182 will never play live

Mark Hoppus recently opened up to the world during this coronavirus quarantine. He hopped on Twitch and live-streamed himself playing Animal Crossing. Hoppus also played some acoustic blink-182 and +44 songs.  Joined by his son Jack, Mark Hoppus also revealed which blink-182 song they’ll never play live. Sadly, it’s a bit of a fan favorite.  Read […]

Can you match the lyrics to the correct blink-182 side project?

The members of blink-182 probably have more side projects combined than any other band, and we absolutely love them all. With Mark Hoppus recently contemplating the possibility of a +44 reunion, we’re taking a look back. From side-project-turned-main-act Angels & Airwaves to Simple Creatures and Box Car Racer, there’s no shortage of tracks from Hoppus, Tom […]

Mark Hoppus “would never say never” to a +44 reunion

My Chemical Romance finally getting back together makes anything seem possible. With blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus telling us it was bound to happen, his vague comments about +44 are giving us hope. Heading to Australia with his other side project Simple Creatures, Hoppus and counterpart Alex Gaskarth hit Good Things Festival this past weekend. While there, […]

10 bands who should reunite after My Chemical Romance

With My Chemical Romance reuniting on Halloween this year, we got everything we’ve been wishing for these past six years. With how great this news is, maybe we forgot about some bands who broke up and left us hanging. Outside of MCR, several other scene favorites have reunited or announced plans this year including Rage […]

blink-182 made ‘NINE’ a pop-punk record for the next generation—review

In 2011, blink-182 bassist-turned-superdad Mark Hoppus joined a panel of punk pillars in the cast of The Other F Word. The documentary showcased the lives of rock stars who assumed the exact position they railed against: fathers. blink’s highly anticipated ninth release, NINE, carries the same energy of a slightly younger Hoppus describing family life. […]

blink-182 side-project tour has been considered, Mark Hoppus says

Mark Hoppus recently shared he may be interested in launching a blink-182 side-project tour. Hoppus revealed his hopes and dreams in a recent press conference with Radio 104.5. Originally, Hoppus was asked whether or not he would take Simple Creatures, his project with All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth, on a blink-182 tour. However, his answer […]

“It feels like a big middle finger”: Mark Hoppus, Alex Gaskarth talk Simple Creatures

With their collective quick wit and sarcastic snapbacks, Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth could star in one hell of a buddy comedy. Until then, fans will have to live with Simple Creatures, the new side project from two torchbearers of their respective pop-punk eras. The band were born in the shadows, when the blink-182 bassist […]

The Story So Far drop music video and other news you might have missed today

+44 shared news of a vinyl rerelease—plus, don’t miss a new track from Vicky-T. Check out the news you might have missed today below! 1. Austin Terror Fest releases full lineup Austin Terror Fest 2019 featuring #PigDestroyer, @INTEGRITY_HT, #Indian, #FullofHell, @PRIMITIVEMANE, #UnearthlyTrance & @genocidepact! pic.twitter.com/eXgbcfshf6 — Relapse Records (@RelapseRecords) January 23, 2019 The Austin, Texas-based […]

10 iconic bands who only released one album—so far

Have you ever discovered an artist who you really loved and proceeded to jam their entire discography into your earholes for a week straight? Sadly, the groups in this list are only responsible for producing one studio album as a group. Don’t worry though: There are plenty of familiar faces who went on to produce […]

OP-ED: +44 gave us one of the best Blink-182 albums

Back in 2005, the unthinkable happened: The members of Blink-182 went their separate ways and left us with as many questions as there were cloudy expectations. Their self-titled album was their most mature and experimental work, and the evolution from teen angst-ridden pop punk and dick jokes was a shock, but it was welcomed with […]

'+44's 'When Your Heart Stops Beating' re-released on vinyl

UPDATE: It looks like they're all gone! Congratulations to everyone who snatched this incredibly underrated gem. ORIGINAL POST:  Hot Topic is re-releasing +44’s sole studio album, When Your Heart Stops Beating, on vinyl. You can pick up the clear with blue and white splatter variant for $22.50 now. Be quick—these are sure to go fast! […]

The 23 best Smashing Pumpkins covers in AP’s universe

With the inaugural APMAs only a few weeks away, we noticed a few folks online question the inclusion of Billy Corgan, the iconic frontman of alt-rock institution Smashing Pumpkins, who will receive the Vanguard Award for his consistent forward-thinking in music and art. Now, rather than scold those people (Y’all know Smashing Pumpkins were on […]

Blink-182 - Neighborhoods

Blink-182 Neighborhoods Typically, we here at AP review albums based off of advance music provided to us by the band, their label or their management company, either physically or digitally. This ensures that the reviewer in question is receiving the album exactly as intended, instead of potentially lossy sound files that are mislabeled and out […]
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