Amber Ryann explores the time she was losing control of her life with debut LP Even When It Falls Apart

Amber Ryann is an outspoken champion of the LGBTQIA+ community. The genre-fluid musician explores the rawness behind her new album, Even When It Falls Apart.

The Higher break down Elvis in Wonderland, their comeback EP after a 12-year hiatus

The Higher are reemerging after a 12-year hiatus. The band explain how their comeback EP Elvis in Wonderland incorporates their classic sound and new surprises.

Sound and Fury Festival 2022 spotlights the new face of hardcore, from Anxious to Scowl

The Sound and Fury Festival made its triumphant return following a two-year hiatus. From Anxious to Pity Sex, relive the hardcore festival’s best moments.

Inside Kitchen Mouse, the chic vegan restaurant frequented by Billie Eilish and Kate Nash

Kitchen Mouse is Highland Park’s acclaimed vegan and vegetarian restaurant. Here’s how former F-Minus member Erica Daking built the eatery from the ground up.

Sam Tinnesz on working with Dashboard Confessional, members of Paramore and the road to his new album

Sam Tinnesz knows collaboration is key. In this interview, he details working with Dashboard Confessional (“Bittersweet”) and Josh and Zac Farro of Paramore.

Interview: Heavenward release "Wish" ahead of 'Staircase Music'—listen

Heavenward have released their new single “Wish.” The latest track comes from their highly anticipated debut EP Staircase Music, which drops on February 18th via Fever Ltd.  Read more: Could there be a new ‘Guitar Hero’ game on the way? Heavenward is a new project fronted by singer-songwriter Kamtin Mohager. Mohager has spent the last […]

Look back at some of the best Alternative Press covers in honor of issue 400

Four hundred issues after the very first book to carry our name ran off the printers back in 1985, we look back on 36 years of our favorite-ever AP covers, the stories they told and the secrets behind their creation. You can pick up an issue here, starring twenty one pilots. Read more: In issue […]

The 20 most underrated pop-punk albums from the last two decades

At this point, you could practically write a textbook on the art of creating a pop-punk song. Ever since people discovered Green Day’s Dookie and the masses fell in love with “All The Small Things” on MTV, the genre has blossomed. Pop punk’s big break didn’t mean the genre got locked into a formula, either. […]

How the White Stripes and the Hives built on the legacy of garage rock

Two U.K. televisual musical moments from the turn of the century, both involving stripped-down young rock ‘n’ roll bands: First up, the White Stripes on long-standing U.K. pop showcase Top Of The Pops, in February 2002. “Fell In Love With A Girl” began its chart-shaking international climb, and Jack and Meg White entered English living […]

Bully and Sub*T talk mutual admiration, recording in Nashville and more

Jade Alcantara and Grace Bennett formed Sub*T while living in their respective states of California and New York. While they plan to one day live closer to one another, they still maintain their coastal residences and wouldn’t think of letting the miles between them change their music-making goals. The two met online, brought together by […]

These 10 vocalists were punk-rock standard-bearers during the ‘00s

Welcome to Alternative Press’ 10 best punk vocalists of the ‘00s. When we counted down that decade’s finest punk guitarists, we noted that the beginning of the new century was a turning point. The ‘90s began with Nirvana breaking down the door for punk-influenced alternative acts to become the mainstream music of the decade, peaked […]

Turnstile connects with friends Will Yip and Atiba Jefferson

Turnstile have consistently been at the forefront of music. The group have continued to revisit their hardcore roots, even as they push the genre in previously unexpected directions. This creativity bleeds into their entire approach, leading them to construct innovative music videos, unique campaign rollouts and inspiring collaborations.   For this reason, it’s no surprise […]

Chase Atlantic star in the Tarantino-inspired cinematic "OHMAMI"—watch

Chase Atlantic are starring in their own Quentin Tarantino-inspired movie with the explosive new visual for “OHMAMI.” The band, who were Alternative Press’ cover stars for the 100 Artists You Need To Know issue, directed and edited the video themselves. The end product? A cinematic and creative storyline jam-packed with iconic imagery. Read more: Rina […]

AltPress Weekly: Oasis, WILLOW, boyish, JAWNY, Softcult and more

We’re back with another AltPress Weekly. Each week, we highlight the things we want you to check out. We shout out new discoveries and longtime favorites, the best new, old and everything in between. We’ll also always keep you up to date with the latest coverage over at Alternative Press, along with the stories we […]

Meet twin duo Softcult and hear their brand-new track "Spit It Out"

Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn are the yin and yang to one another—and it has absolutely nothing to do with their coincidentally dark and light hair colors. The twins credit a creative “synergy” while working in tandem and have forged their own musical journey reminiscent of their influences, but with a more confident and optimistic perspective […]

Director Erik Rojas talks creativity in film, working with Waterparks and more

Each issue, AP Gallery explores the visual culture of music and highlights the stories behind iconic music videos and the inspiration for the most memorable photographs. For Issue 394 featuring Waterparks on the cover, we connected with Erik Rojas, a Colombian-American music video director known for visually capturing the essence of a song. After finishing […]

AltPress Weekly: Badflower, Yvette Young, industry insiders and more

We’re back with a fresh AltPress Weekly. Each week, we highlight the things we want you to check out. We shout out brand-new tracks and classic cuts, deep dives and smash hits. We’ll also bring you the scoop on the latest happenings at Alternative Press, along with the stories we keep coming back to. Many […]

10 women who made the ’90s one of the most memorable decades of music

Among all the music that the ‘90s brought us, there’s one common denominator—kick-ass women vocalists. From the emergence of grunge to the golden age of hip-hop settling in its place, the ‘90s proved to be a decade where artists expressed the exasperations of womanhood with all of their might. As women lead singers began to […]

Courtney Love shares acoustic cover of Britney Spears’ “Lucky”–watch

Courtney Love recently dropped a tearful acoustic cover of Britney Spears’ “Lucky” as part of her Instagram covers series. The rendition was posted on Love’s Instagram as a show of solidarity for the pop singer. Spears has become the subject of attention lately due to her requests to end her father’s conservatorship. As it turns […]

These 15 classic albums made 1996 a crucial year in punk history

1996: President Bill Clinton was squaring off against Kansas Sen. Bob Dole in a successful bid for a second term in the White House. On April 3, former math professor Ted Kaczynski was arrested in his remote Montana cabin, suspected (correctly, it turns out) to be American domestic terrorist the Unabomber. Conservative public policy bulwark […]

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